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Project Spotlight: Meta Lordz

Pre-Sale: 17th Dec 4 PM UTC 
Public sale: 19th Dec, 4 PM UTC
Whitelist spots are still available via Discord!

A new RPG game is coming to Ethereum! Meta Lordz is a one-of-its-kind NFT project with tokenomics and future P2E RPG Game plan. The project has seen overwhelming community support, reaching over 20k Discord members before initial sales.

Many existing decentralized games lack engaging gameplay, but Meta Lordz is aiming to change that by bringing the elements we know and love from traditional RPG games to the blockchain. Let’s take a look at what they’re all about.

Behind the Meta Lordz

The project’s founders, Shrek and Sal, had invested in various NFT projects but couldn’t find THE project that ticks all the boxes – some projects had great art but did not have a strong community; some projects did not create utility for their NFTs; some projects did not have any game plans; and some gaming projects did not have the right art – not the Avatars you want yourself to be associated with in the Metaverse! 

In one free flowing conversation, the concept of Meta Lordz came to life – to build the ultimate Metaverse RPG game, with intricate realism art NFTs, a passionate community, and a strong purpose to create long term value for their investors.

In just a few months, this idea has become a reality. Meta Lordz™ Studios is now a team of 22 people comprising artists, blockchain developers, marketers, graphic designers and financial wizards in the Crypto space. 

The Meta Lordz NFTs

The Meta Lordz NFTs feature 4 warrior types each having 1111 unique characters in realism art form. Their digitally hand-drawn warriors come with their own set of 250+ intricately designed attributes, and will be the access token to the future P2E game. The NFTs will also entitle the holder to automatically start accumulating LORDZ tokens which will be used as primary in-game currency.





The MetaLordz Game


There are 24 maps in the game. All warriors start from the far lands and fight their way to level up and unlock more lands closer to the kingdom. Killing monsters in every level will unlock more in-game attributes and collectibles, which will take you to the next level. With every level, the monsters become more powerful, and the attributes and collectibles become more valuable.


The attributes and collectibles increase your total skillset score, and thus increases the rarity of your NFT. Each character, attribute and collectible can be exchanged or traded with other players on the marketplace in the form of LORDZ token. You can upgrade your NFT and sell at a higher value. With their NFT creator tool you can create your own NFT with game collectibles. Your previous NFT will be burnt.


Pre-Sale: 17th Dec 4 PM UTC 
Public sale: 19th Dec, 4 PM UTC

Price for public sale: 0.09 ETH
Pre Sale Price: 0.07 ETH

Jan 21 

  • Launch of the Lordz token, with a detailed whitepaper.
  • 50% of trading income from all secondary listing platforms transferred to a community DAO wallet to keep increasing the long term value for Meta Lordz NFT holders.
  • NFT holders receive regular passive income in the form of LORDZ token

Q1 22 

  • Launch of Meta Lordz P2E RPG game. NFT holders will get direct access to the game with customised characters. LORDZ token will be used as in-game currency.

Q2 22 

  • Integration of Meta Lordz game with the Metaverse (Decentraland / Sandbox, etc).
  • Listing of LORDZ token on major global exchanges.


(30k+ followers)

(20k+ members)

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