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Project Spotlight – Dead Handz

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For this week’s project spotlight, we’re introducing Dead Handz, the world’s first fantasy sci-fi story that you can interact with and invest in. With its first season selling out last November, there’s so much about Dead Handz that’s piquing the interests of collectors – from the narrative behind it, to its roadmap, artwork, and utility.

   – Date: 29th January
   – Time: 11am EST

   – Date: 30th January
   – Time: 11am EST

Read the rest of this article to find out more about this exciting project and what’s in store for the upcoming season!

What is Dead Handz about?

The Dead Handz mission is to bring a story and new fictional universe to an exclusive community in a novel and interactive fashion using NFTs. Each season brings a new collection of Dead Handz, straight from the portal and into the Ethereum network.​​

One of the Dead Handz members neatly described the project as ‘EtherRock meets Rick and Morty’.

The Story and Utility

The foundation of the universe is built around 5 mysterious characters, known as ‘The Activators’, who generated an uncontrollable Portal by combining the ancient scroll with the primordial artefacts after much searching. Every season, the Portal opens up to a new world, introducing The Activators to a unique set of monsters and challenges. They fight to close it before havoc is unleashed upon Earth. 

Each of the activators has a complex backstory and their own personality. They also bring their own utility to the tokens:

  • Professor Khonsu – adds lunar sensitivity to the NFTs.  Khonsu takes her name from the Ancient Egyptian God of the Moon. Watch your NFTs when the moon is at its fullest…
  • Rene Innkfast – lets you experiment on your Handz in his Laboratory. Rene is a self proclaimed Chemical Engineer, but his experimental methods are somewhat unconventional…
  • BC 48 – is the curator of the Library, where Dead Handz owners can learn about the Dead Handz universe. Here you will find history, secrets and prophecies that many believed were lost long ago…

The characters, their utility, and their backstories are released over time, keeping the community constantly engaged in the story, receiving new utilities and narrative-based riddles. As the website shows, only 3 of the Activators have been revealed so far. What will the final 2 Activators bring?

The Seasons

The community is able to follow this story as The Portal takes users to new worlds with each season. Using their NFTs, holders can engage with the lore and fictional realms brought to life by Dead Handz.

The first collection – Dead Handz Genesis – sold out in November. The Genesis mint was considered a seeding launch which provided the financial backing to put Dead Handz onto larger platforms, increase exposure and invest in the project. It also served as a preliminary run to get a successful mint under their belts. Now, the team has the experience and financial resources to launch the monstrous second season – Tartarus.

The capital raised from this mint has been used to build out the NFT utilities (described above), as the Genesis collection does not have these utility built-in. However, a Genesis Dead Hand entitles you to an NFT from every subsequent season of Dead Handz, for FREE!  

So in some ways, the Genesis Handz can be considered the master Handz. Go check them out on the Mintable store! 

After the Genesis collection, each season will have a rare supply of only 666 NFTs.  There will be multiple Hand characters with many exciting and creative traits.

Dead Handz Tartarus will be the feature of the next season, with a current launch date sometime in late December. To stay up to date on sneak peeks, giveaways, whitelist and presale/public sale dates, stay tuned in to the Dead Handz Discord community.

The Team

The team is comprised of 6 young professionals, who have a passion for NFTs and creative fiction. Based in the UK, the team has a background in crypto, finance, and the creative arts. Spooky is the project founder – a keen pioneer from a cryptocurrency exchange and one of the largest crypto asset managers in the world.

Half the team was already working full-time in crypto-native jobs, and the other half had keenly followed NFTs on the side. They came together with a common goal of creating a unique universe with an inventive art style and story-telling at its core.

How is each season created?

Whenever a new Dead Handz season starts, the goal is already clear – ‘To create a unique fantasy world that captures the imagination of our audience’. Therefore the team begins with a theme, characters, and art direction. For every season, everyone at Dead Handz sits down for a brainstorm in order to define its place in time and space, building off existing mythology and folklore as well as injecting their own ideas and concepts into the theme. Tartarus for example is named after and inspired by the Ancient Greek prison in the deep abyss, where the great Titans were once banished.  

The creative team then spends weeks researching stories, art, and literature around the season’s theme and produces a plan for the visual representation of the season’s location.

The Tartarus season landscape

Developing the Dead Handz characters

The creative team defines the characters, with a mixture of existing mythological references and imagined fictional characters. Each character type has its own base Hand and its own unique set of traits. This is one of the stand-out features of Dead Handz. Where most NFT collections will mix and match all their traits and only have one base character, Dead Handz has a selection of unique NFT characters within each collection that not only look and feel different, from their own traits but also interact differently with the Dead Handz universe (utility).

Different types of Handz open different doors and unlock different scrolls in The Library.  ‘Only a Dead Hand can open the door you are looking for…’

What’s in store for Dead Handz?

The ambition of Dead Handz is to be the first fantasy world with Decentralised Ownership. The most successful and adored fictional stories are always owned by a small group of individuals or private entities, but it is the communities that will help grow and support them. 

The team at Dead Handz believes that the community deserves to own a piece of their favorite stories and should be able to benefit financially from its growth. With Dead Handz, anyone can own a piece of it, no matter who you are or what your background is.

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Dead Handz has a fantastic lineup of distinguished partners, including but not limited to:

  • Mintable – The most exciting and easy to use NFT marketplace
  • Rarity Sniper – One of the largest NFT discord channels and rarity table vendors. Check out their rarity tablehttps://raritysniper.com/dead-handz-genesis
  • CoinTelegraph – Dead Handz will have its own featured article in CoinTelegraph later this month.

Find out more about Dead Handz

Website: https://www.deadhandz.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/deadhandz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deadhandzNFT

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