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Project Spotlight – Bluprint

Find Bluprint on Mintable now!

For this week’s project spotlight, we’re introducing Bluprint, a first-of-its-kind derivative NFT project. The Metaverse has arrived. Bluprint exists as a gateway for anyone to participate in and build the Betaverse together. There are only 8,888 Bluprints in existence and these are made available directly at Bluprint’s website now!

What is Bluprint NFT about?

Bluprint thrives on creativity. Cities from different eras, landforms, and words for city building come together in Bluprint, to form an NFT. As a derivative project, Bluprint is meant to be open for interpretation and be used in any form as decided by the user. The only limit to Bluprint’s use-case is how far a user can dream. Any other project, community, platform, or game could utilize and include Bluprints into their ecosystems.

As a collectible, Bluprints are created with scarcity, technically beautiful imagery, and accurate text for city builders. Bluprint is for the intelligent collector. Bluprints also have the ability to merge and produce even more scarce pieces.


Bluprint is a community project with endless possibilities, to allow creative social interactions and gameplay, amongst many other possibilities. With the randomness of text, imagery, and numbers generated on each provably scarce NFT, Bluprint allows users and entire communities to dream and build where their intentions direct them. There are community members looking to use Bluprint to create games, apps, and Dapps in the Metaverse.

Like other derivative projects which have proven highly successful and demanded in this space, Bluprint is an open-ended project and can be built upon by anyone in the Metaverse. A Bluprint owner has complete freedom and liberty to use Bluprints in any way.


Pre-sale: 17 December, 9pm UTC

Public sale: 18 December, 9pm UTC

Price: 0.04 ETH

The roadmap for Bluprint is categorized under different Genesis. 

Genesis 1.0 is the sale of Bluprint, where the NFT sales will be held on our website. Genesis 2.0 capitalizes on the beauty of smart contracts and art, where Bluprint holders can merge 3 of the same cities into awesome new Genesis 2.0 Bluprints! Thereafter, intelligent collectors of Bluprint can make decisions to build and create uses cases and games, thrusting us into Genesis 3.0, where the ultraverse of Bluprint is born, with much more awesome artwork and utility.

The Bluprint  Team

We are a group of seasoned practitioners and entrepreneurs with experience across technology, blockchain, real estate, asset management, and blockchain. Bluprint was conceptualized as a dynamic and autonomous project built on a core community of intelligent collectors and builders. Bluprint is a creation that will bring forth new and interesting use-cases in the Metaverse.

Find Bluprint on Mintable now!

Find out more about Bluprint:

Website: https://bluprint.xyz 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BluprintNFT

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