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Project Spotlight – MekaVerse

Welcome to Mintable Editorial’s first NFT project feature! As our marketplace expands, we want to shine the spotlight on the most interesting NFTs on our platform – and there’s no better project to start with than The MekaVerse.

Amidst the flurry of NFT avatar projects flooding the marketplace this year, MekaVerse has emerged as one of the most outstanding projects to date, and the NFT community is gripped with MekaVerse madness. 

The artwork alone is amazing – in fact, this is how we found this project! Long before the release date, copycats were already trying to capitalize on the beautifully rendered avatars. We came across one on the Mintable marketplace, and thought that the artwork was really good – suspiciously good. Our authenticity verification feature then led us to the MekaVerse official twitter page where we discovered this project and its thriving community.

Artwork aside, the project creators have a lot in the works for their fans, including airdrops to holders and sequel collections. So let’s take a closer look at the project that’s had everyone talking for the last month:

What is The MekaVerse?

The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas with hundreds of elements inspired by the Japan Mecha universes. Each artwork is original, with its own color palette and creation. 

According to the MekaVerse website, their objective was to make each Meka unique in order to prioritize quality above quantity – and quality they are. 

The collection features 4 different styles of Mekas – OG Meka, Mirage, Gādian, and F9. 

OG Meka

Meka #7970 and #8831


Meka #1436 and #6897


Meka #2555 and #8492


Meka #371 and #2596

The collection also features 4 legendary Mekas (one of each style) with more dramatic detailing and backgrounds. The Yamabushi legendary Meka is featured at the top of this article. 

OG DeathStone, Horus, and F9 Lumidh legendary Mekas.

Mekaverse Creators

The MekaVerse project was founded by Mattey and Matthieu Braccini, two artists based in Paris who are currently focusing on 3D & Art direction. They’ve worked with Apple, Microsoft, MTV, Adobe, Adidas, Nike and more. 

Hype, Release, Resale

The MekaVerse collection was one of the most hyped projects ever – they reached 100K members within 48 hours of launching their Discord! In light of the overwhelming demand for the NFTs, the creators decided to forego a public mint and instead hold a raffle for the community. Winners of the raffle received access to a closed minting session that allowed them to avoid prohibitive gas wars. 

Each MekaVerse NFT had an initial mint price of 0.2 ETH. Within the first 24 hours of launch, the MekaVerse project racked up $60 million between the initial mint and secondary sales.


Shortly after launch, the project creators were hit with allegations of insider trading. Twitter user MOLOTOV said that the drop had been rigged, and claimed that developers were trading NFTs on inside information. Another user claimed that the MekaVerse API had been released early, allowing some people to swipe rare NFTs from the collection before the reveal.

Despite the allegations, the Mekaverse NFT collection has become the third largest collection by sales volume in the last month, overtaking big hitters like Art Blocks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. According to CryptoSlam, MekaVerse has generated over $140 million in sales to date. 

What’s Next?

MekaVerse has announced several airdrops coming to MekaVerse NFT holders, the first of which is Meka Swords. They recently dropped a teaser on their Twitter page:

The project creators also see huge potential in their Mekas as physical creations, and have hinted at collaborations with famous toy makers to bring these creations to life. They also have plans to create clothing and other merchandise using high-quality materials and textiles with eco-friendly fabrics.

According to their project roadmap, they have several more collections in the pipeline. One is a small collection of 1/1 unique Mekas made in collaboration with artists they like, in the unique style of that artist. Further plans involve creating a second, distinct collection to ‘aesthetically enlarge the universe’, possibly through a different graphic style.

MekaVerse NFTs will be available on Mintable from November 1. 

Excited to see what the creators of MekaVerse have in store? Join their discord at http://discord.gg/mekaverse to keep up with the latest announcements and events. 

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