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The Ultimate NFT Collectors’ Toolbox – Revolutionary New Features On Mintable

Mintable is now the only marketplace you’ll ever need to use to buy NFTs. This isn’t hyperbole or a sales slogan – we mean this literally, and we have the features to back it up!

Following a massive upgrade of our marketplace, all NFTs (specifically, ERC-721s) minted on the Ethereum blockchain will now be listed on Mintable, even if they weren’t originally minted through our platform. Gone are the days of checking individual marketplaces for the best NFTs. Now, you just have to check one – Mintable!

This update also comes with the addition of some extremely powerful features for collectors that no other NFT marketplace has! Our aim was to make the process of discovering NFTs as convenient as possible, and empower collectors to make more informed decisions about their NFT investments. 

Every NFT Ever On Ethereum, Now On Mintable

As soon as an NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, it will show up on Mintable’s browsing page. If you sort the page by “new”, you’ll be able to see all the latest mints! What’s particularly cool about this feature is that when an NFT collectibles project is released, you’ll be able to see the NFTs being minted in real time. This feature can help collectors discover projects they might have missed, and join in on the action before minting is over. If you’ve ever wondered how you could find out about NFT projects before they balloon in value, this is how!

Rarity Meter For NFT Collectibles

Uncommon, common, and insanely rare Sipher INUs

Mintable is now the first marketplace to show rarity meters for NFT collectibles! Before, NFT marketplaces couldn’t indicate the rarity of an NFT within a collection on its listing page. This has been a major problem for collectors, who would have to find information on specific combinations of traits to work out the rarity of their NFTs.

This has been a major problem for collectors, who would have to find information on specific combinations of traits to work out the rarity of their NFTs. Now, Mintable does this for you. Our proprietary algorithm calculates the rarity of the NFT and of its specific traits, and displays it on listings so you know exactly how rare – and valuable – an NFT is when buying or selling it.

Filtering by Rarity and Attributes

The option to filter by rarity makes it easy to find rare collectibles without having to sift through the entire collection. We also have an option to filter by attributes within collections. Say you want to buy a Sipher INU, but only if it has a fireman suit. Our attributes filter will allow you to do so, and you can combine it with the rarity filter to find the rarest version with that attribute! We can’t stress enough how much easier this feature has made it to find specific NFTs. Rather than sifting through a 10,000 NFT collection, and calculating the rarity of traits yourself, finding the specific NFT you want is now only a couple of clicks away!

NFT transaction history

Our listing page will show you the entire transaction history of an NFT, from the moment it is minted. This will show collectors how many times an NFT has changed hands, who owned it before, and how the price has evolved over time.
We created this feature to make blockchain data more accessible for our users, by presenting it in an easy to view UI. Researching an NFT and appraising its value is now easier than ever!

Search by wallet address

Now, you can search for specific users using their wallet address. This makes navigating the Mintable platform easier – simply click or copy a buyer or seller’s wallet address to see what other NFTs they are holding and make direct offers.

View royalty and fee distribution

Want to know exactly where your money is going? Our listing pages now show the platform fees for individual NFT sales, as well as the percentage of royalties that go to the store and the NFT creator. 

Authenticity verification

This isn’t a new feature, but it’s a worthy inclusion to this list. Our authenticity verification feature uses a reverse image search to find all instances where an NFT image has been posted online, to make it easier for collectors to avoid buying stolen art. It also shows visually similar images to catch copies with minor adjustments. You can find out more in this article.

This article covers the best features for NFT collectors from our latest platform upgrade. For more information, please read our features deep dive – a comprehensive guide to all the new features on the Mintable marketplace.

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