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Unlocking New Horizons: Mintable features to power your creator journey

Mintable has been focused on building a marketplace that empowers artists and creators since its inception back in 2018. Being the first to introduce gasless technology and to include royalties for creators on the platform, we want to continue to push the NFT industry forward and get everyone involved with NFTs – and we believe that that begins with creators.

We’ve just announced the biggest platform update we’ve ever done, with a whole range of new features on our platform designed specifically with creators in mind. We’re fast becoming one of the biggest marketplaces out there. And with our biggest feature being that all ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum will now be available to browse and purchase on the platform, creators can also expect a pool of new collectors and buyers flowing in to shop on the Mintable platform.

With the influx of new users, we want to equip users on our platform, both new and old, on the ways you can really utilize our features to make the most of your digital items. In this article, we’ll be running down the list of features and highlighting how you can leverage them for your creations on our marketplace! 

Let’s get started.

1. Comments Section

Your tribe is your pride. One way creators can really harness the power of their NFTs is not only through selling and promotion, but with the sharing and expanding of ideas and discussions within your own tribe of creatives. The comments feature was designed with creators in mind. You can use it to hype up all your newest and most favorite creations, share a line or two about some of the cool art that you admire, or drop a comment on your friend’s profile. The feature is meant for you to build a real community on our platform, something that puts the artist in front of the art and garner more interest in your NFTs in the long run. Mintable’s long-term aim is to create an entire ecosystem of collectors, creators, users, and more on the marketplace itself, to make buying and selling easier for everyone.

2. Royalties percentage

With our latest update, creators can now create an account on Mintable and claim their own store based on the wallet address that’s linked to the NFTs. It is a seamless process with minimal steps that allows you to display your NFTs on the Mintable marketplace once claimed. What’s more, royalties have been built into the platform already, but we’ve now made it far easier, simply toggle on the sliding scale to adjust how much or how little royalties you want for all future sales.

3. Rarity meter and sales analytics

As a creator, this is likely one of the most exciting features to be implemented in our marketplace. The rarity meter and sales analytics feature are information holy grail for creators. You can use it to really access the market, but more importantly, access how your own NFTs are performing on the market and see what performs well and what doesn’t. You can also take a look at how items similar to yours are doing, how they are moving, and make adjustments to your own strategy for selling or promoting them.

You can find the rarity meter in the search filter option when you’re looking for a specific NFT. Under the rarity meter, you’d be able to toggle the attributes of an NFT you’re looking at e.g. you can find out how common or rare an NFT is.

The sale analytics feature can be found when you scroll down on the item page. It shows you the average price, volume of sales, and the total number of sales for a particular time of that particular NFT. This is a feature that’s available for every ERC-721 token on our marketplace. This information can really benefit you, for e.g. knowing the averag price of NFTs in the same category as yours can give you some information for how much to price yours at.

4. Transaction history

Similar to the rarity meter and sales analytics feature, the transaction history feature was designed to give creators information that will help them with making decisions for their own items. It is a simple-to-view interface that will make all the information already stored on the blockchain readable for anyone. The transaction history feature allows peeping at the history of any item on our marketplace – information such as when it was bought, who bought it, and how much it was going for are all available in an easily digestible format. Creators can use this information to determine the popularity of items similar to theirs and access the legibility of potential buyers by browsing their transaction history.

Simply scroll down on the item page and click “transaction history” to access the information to an NFT.

Get started on Mintable by claiming your store or recommend a project owner to claim one and receive $100 for each successful referral.

Read more about all the exciting features in our platform update here.

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